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IVI Research Reading Book Project

Book Title: “Sustainable Smart Technologies in Visual Informatics for Societal Well Being”

Editors: Prof. Dato’ Dr. Halimah Badioze Zaman & Dr Azlina Ahmad

This is an intellectual book of readings based on research by the Visual Informatics fraternity both in and outside the Institute. However, this book shall be written by most of the fellows of IVI. This book is written based on the ‘Transforming  Knowledge Society for Societal Well Being Visual Framework’ in a Digital Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The Chapters of the book will take into consideration the Visual Knowledge Society (KS) Model and its dimensions to transform the Knowledge Society for societal well being. Malaysia embarked on a long-term ‘visual’ plan called Vision 2020, which provides to the government a guide towards achieving a developed knowledge society by 2020. This vision, introduced in February 1991 (and still relevant today), aims to transform the Malaysian society into a knowledge-based society based on ‘its own mould’. The ‘mould’ signifies that Malaysia as a modern moderate Islamic nation, will endogenously develop its knowledge society based on its own terms and criteria, without duplicating any other country. The approach to be taken shall be a holistic one, covering various aspects: economic and social, politics, cultural norms, spiritual values and psychology.

Extended manuscript submission date: 1 Mac 2018.