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Video-based Iris Recognition System (V-IRS)

Iris recognition is the identification of an individual based on his or her iris features. Many existing methods were used to enhance the efficiency of iris recognition system (IRS). However, the majority of the existing systems limit the position and motions of subjects during the recognition process, i.e. subjects are usually required to stop, close, bend and stare to a iris camera. This is largely due to the image acquisition approach, rather than the specific pattern-matching algorithms applied during the recognition process. Therefore, this research project addresses this issue by creating a friendly HCI (Human Computer Interaction). Iris images are acquired with iris cameras and iris images are recognised when users are walking at a distance towards iris cameras. The outcome of the research is to produce an accurate, smart and user friendly Video-based Iris Recognition System (V-IRS).

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Azizah Jaafar