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The Intelligence, Art & Informatics Research Interest Group (iAIRG) leverages three core PI Labs; DatSINI, D’Pintar and di8IT Studio. The i-AI focuses on research into the applications of intelligence computational systems to cater for the needs and problems faced by humanity and the real-world. Humanizing computing by addressing practical problems with innovative practical solutions are central goals that i-AI will aim for. The members come from various disciplines – Information systems, Human-Computer Interaction, data science, artificial intelligence, fine arts, architecture, and electrical electronic engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad (Website)
Group Leader

Tel: +603-8927 2446
Fax: +603-8927 2402

"ICT for Enabling Economic Sustainability in a Community"

Team Members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad

Leader (DatSINI)

Dr. Ummul Hanan Mohamad

Co-Leader (DatSINI)

Dr. Ahmad Hanif Ahmad Baharin

Leader (Di8it Studio)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rabiah Abdul Kadir

Leader (D'Pintar)

Prof. Dr. Riza Sulaiman

Member (DatSINI)

Prof. Yazid Bajuri

Member (DatSINI)

Ts. Dr. Puteri Nor Ellyza

Member (D'Pintar)

Dr. Mahidur Rahman Sarker

Member (D'Pintar)

Research Flagship

Research dedicated to developing computing solutions aimed at enhancing smart farming technology

Research Flagship

First ICP Blockchain Lab in Malaysia

Research Activities