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Information Systems & IoT


Information systems (IS) encompass the integration of individuals, procedures, data, and technology to facilitate the gathering, retention, analysis, and dissemination of information within organizations. The internet of things (IoT) pertains to a network of tangible devices, sensors, and software capable of interconnecting and sharing data through the internet. The emergence of IoT presents both novel prospects and complexities for IS, as they must collaborate and interact with diverse stakeholders and users of IoT devices and services. Within this fundamental research domain, referred to as ISIOT, we aim to explore pivotal facets that highlight how the ISIOT realm can contribute knowledge and foster meaningful transformations and impact.

The ISIoT Lab offers research, innovation, consultancy and other services on but is not limited to:

1. Technology acceptance, adoption, impact.
2. Enterprise architecture and ICT Planning.
3. Information systems design and development.
4. Business process management.
5. Web and mobile applications.
6. Automated data collection and remote analysis
7. Asset tracking and monitoring
8. Energy harvesting and self-powered IoT devices.
9. Energy management and battery-less IoT devices.

The ISIoT lab researchers include:

  1. Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad
  2. Ts. Ir. Dr. Shafrida Sahrani@Shahran
  3. Dr. Norshita Mat Nayan
  4. Dr. Mohamad Taha Ijab
  5. Dr. Ely Salwana Mat Surin
  6. Dr. Md. Mahidur Rahman Sarker

Head of Lab


Dr. Shafrida Sahrani

03 – 8927 2422



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