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A Study of Central Repository Design for Supporting Domain of Interlocking Institutional Worlds: A Case Study of Flood Management

Headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir Bin Ahmad @ Sharif

Integrasi Erat Sdn Bhd



Creating and organizing disaster knowledge into a common platform from various agencies and sources is vital to the enhancement of disaster management efforts. Prominent leading disaster relief organizations including the European Union, Federal Emergency Management Agency, United Nation, World Health Organization (WHO), National Disaster Management Agency, and National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) have acknowledged integrated effort as a fundamental element to address disaster. However, despite the increasing data availability, challenges in terms of data interoperability and incompatible data still persist. This research highlights the importance of a Central Repository (CR) design that supports knowledge and best practices in sharing in disaster management strategies, and discusses key lessons learned from 22 countries in their effort to improve data collection, interoperability, and sharing capabilities. Therefore, through this research, we hope to fill the gap by aiming at increasing the effectiveness of interlocking inter-agency’s institutional worlds which lead to information and knowledge sharing.