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An Adaptive User Experience (UX) Framework for Mobile Application

Headed by Prof Madya Dr Nazlena Binti Mohamad Ali.

Yayasan Universiti Teknologi Petronas Fundamental Research Grant (YUTP-FRG)



With the advancement of cloud computing and increasing speed of wide-area networks, a ubiquitous open learning system for the urban poor communities is proposed. as of today, many institutions are offering education materials for public to upgrade their knowledge and skills through distance or open learning. currently, most institutions maintain their own independent repository for storing information about their development and training programs. in order to retrieve the desired materials, one has to search the entire internet from the non-integrated information. this process takes longer time, and if registered, it can be costly in term of education fees, transportation and education materials involved. hence, this project aims at developing a framework for cloud-based learning system for ubiquitous learning that allows seamless but single access to an educational program. Specifically, the project will focus on developing a ubiquitous learning framework targeted for a segment of B40 namely the urban-poor. urban- poor consisted of wide group of population including school drop outs and under employed but underpaid by providing a ubiquitous platform to gain access to the courses offered in order to enhance their knowledge and skills, and subsequently obtain certifications from the participating institutions. with the limited access to formal education due to high cost of education and other constraints, urban-poor communities would now have a better chance to knowledge and skill upgrade by leveraging on a wider accessibility in the ‘cloud’ looking for certification and recognition. the current traditional learning system also lack of peer and collaborative learning approach among the students. the new ubiquitous open access learning system will provide peer-assisted, user friendly and effective interface of learning environment. the project will adopt the concept of community network communication model similar to the popular WhatsApp in the development of Ubiquitous Learning Framework (UbLF).