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An Augmented Reality (Ar) Indoor Navigation Technology with Secure Building Access Control

Headed By Prof. Dr. Haslina Binti Arshad.

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For security reason, an intelligent building management system should have a building access control system that can provide access to authorized users into the building. Once the authorized user is in the building, their whereabouts can be monitored and how they navigate through the building can be designed using the latest indoor navigation technology. Indoor navigation is an active research topic due to current immature tracking technology to provide smooth navigation of building occupants. Beacon has been widely utilized for localisation of objects but accuracy is still a main issue in measuring the performance. Research on the best indoor tracking technologies for intelligent building with accurate user location tracking is the main goal of this project. The technology will be integrated with a mobile application for user access and Augmented Reality (AR) navigation. Hence, in this project we will: 1) determine the best indoor navigation technology to locate participants indoors 2) develop an AR-enabled indoor navigation for path guidance inside the building 3) develop a mobile application with door access control using QR code to authenticate and manage users into the building 4) integrate the tracking technology and AR enabled indoor navigation into the mobile application and test the accuracy of the system. To start the project, the Requirement analysis phase will define the overall requirement and the best indoor localization and navigation technologies. Then we will Design and develop AR indoor navigation and mobile app for access control. In the Implementation phase we will integrate all functions as one system. Lastly, the Evaluation phase will measure the accuracy of the system. The expected output is ARNaviS, a mobile application with integrated indoor localization and navigation technology, able to provide a good solution to improve building security, locate users and provide Augmented Reality indoor navigation to authority and visitors.