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Enhancement of Remotely Controlled Cloud based Service Mobile Robot

Headed By Prof. Dr. Riza Bin Sulaiman.

Geran Penyelidikan Khas Top Down UKM: Penyelidikan IR4.0



Robot is an essential part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). This research will be using an existing robot available in UKM. The existing robot is a mobile robot that is able to perform tasks such as roaming indoor, detecting sound and movements, producing simple words through its speakers and other simple services. The main part of this robot is the command centre. The existing robot that we have now, functions by the command given through pre-programmed approached. This is the existing limitation. Therefore, the research that we are looking into now, is sending command remotely to the robot. “Remotely” here refers to long distance, using our mobile phones to send command via Cloud and Internet. The location of the robot will be in an intelligent building in UKM but the user will be away from UKM, perhaps in his/her house. The robot shall function as an electromechanical avatar that enable remote users to control them from their home. We shall also improve the two-way tele-communication between the robot and the user. Hence, the clever part of this research is commanding the robot through long distance and able to get feedbacks from the robot showing that it has completed a certain task given by the user remotely. The aboves are the main objectives if this applied research. The significant of this research is introducing a service robot that can perform certain task given by a user from a remote distance using a smartphone, internet and cloud-based programming. The service robot (Sentribot) will response to the command for inspecting the building and etc. As mentioned earlier, the Sentribot shall be deployed in an Intelligent Building in UKM.