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IVI Seminar: Multi-view Imaging 3D Displays Technology

00306 Dr. Nurulfajar bin Abd Manap Senior Lecturer Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Date : 7 November 2013 (Thursday) Time : 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm Venue : Auditorium, Level 2, New Library Building, UKM Abstract Multi-view imaging has attracted much attention from many researchers in various fields,  due  to  the  dropping  cost  of  digital  cameras.  This  opens  a  wide  variety  of interesting new research topics  and applications, such as virtual view synthesis, high performance imaging, image and video segmentation, object tracking/recognition, environmental surveillance, remote education,  industrial inspection, 3DTV and freeviewpoint  TV.  While  some  of  these  tasks  can  be  handled  with  conventional  single view  images/video,  the  availability  of  multiple  views  of  the  scene  significantly broadens  the  field  of  applications,  while  enhancing  performance  and  user experience.  This  talk  provides  an  introduction  to  the  multi-view  imaging  and  3D displays  technology,  with  some  recent  developments  in  the  field  together  with applications. Biography Nurulfajar  received  his  Bachelor  degrees  in  Electrical  Engineering  in  2000  from Universiti  Teknologi  Malaysia.  He  continued  his  research  in  Image  and  Video Compression  algorithm  to  obtain  his  Master  of  Engineering  (Electrical  Engineering) from the same university in 2002. He joined the  Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering  at  the  Universiti  Teknikal  Malaysia  Melaka  as  lecturer  and  has  been appointed as the Head of Department  for Computer Engineering for 4  years. Then, he  obtained  his  PhD  in  Image  and  Video  Processing  from  the  University  of Strathclyde,  Scotland in 2012. His research interest are on multi-view and 3D image processing, image synthesis and stereo vision.