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Keynote Speech: Measuring Soft Organs in Human Body: Issues and Challenges

by Prof. Dr. Riza Sulaiman

at 27th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies:
Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE-2018), Paris School of Business, June 27-29, 2018.

Short Description on the speech:

Measuring soft organs in human body need certain criteria. This research introduces measuring technique using algorithms bank method to measure the liver volume of humans, with accuracy and reducing the error rate. The research methodology was divided into four phases, phase one is image source, which is used to convert image source from CT and MRI to DICOM file. Phase two; software application and development, which is used to remove image noise, enhance the liver boundary and liver image segmentation. Phase three; template prototype application and measurement, which is used to create template, compare the source image DICOM file with template and restore an image as template. Phase four; compare the liver volume measurement with Gold Standard reading, which is used to determine accuracy and error rate. The framework was represented in three layers, technique layer, image layer and application layer. Enhancing the liver boundary by a scale-specific gradient magnitude filter and Gaussian filter. Segmentation by hybrid based framework method using three algorithms, fast marching, Geodesic active contour and level set. The study also discussed the issues and challenges in measuring soft organs, which was found during the investigation stage of this research.

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