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Malaysia Adaptation Index (Main) Based on Analysis of Vulnerability and Readiness Indicators

– Headed by Prof. Madya Dr. Rabiah Abdul Kadir.

Malaysia Adaptation Index (MAIN) is a proof-of-concept project outsourced by the Malaysian National Hydraulic Research Institute (NAHRIM) where IVI is appointed as the main project consultant to MedicSoftware Sdn. Bhd and Hairulogic Ventures. In a nutshell, MAIN is a program developed to analyse vulnerability and readiness of each state in Malaysia to climate change. MAIN is expected to be utilized by the public and private sectors in taking adaptive action to address possible climate change.


Malaysia Desktop Adaptation Index for Climate Change Adaptation (MAIN) is to assess the vulnerability and readiness of the states in Malaysia to address the possible changes in climate change. This index can serve as a source of reference for leveraging, making policies, decision-making and other aspects related to it for the public and private sectors in taking adaptive action. The MAIN program formulates and analyzes vulnerability scores, readiness and indexes of adaptation scores for states in Malaysia. The data involved are from six sector indicators that have been identified through a collaboration with Subject Matter Expert (SME) from various departments and agencies selected based on the suitability of the domain or the field of expertise.


Scores obtained in the research phase are visualized through a portal-based Proof-of-Concept (POC) implementation. This MAIN Phase POC displays scores for Selangor and Federal Territories as pilot information for stakeholders for decision-making based on factors and indicators selected and verified by Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) who are directly involved in in this research.


More data collection from identified sectors for each state in Malaysia is required to ensure the index of each states in Malaysia can be provided. Hence all stakeholders, especially the Government of Malaysia, can implement action plans to address the challenges of climate change.