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Measuring Soft Organs in Human Body

– Headed by Prof. Dr. Riza Sulaiman.

Measuring soft organs in human body need certain criteria. This research introduces measuring technique using algorithms bank method to measure the liver volume of humans, with accuracy and reducing the error rate.


Measuring liver volume had gone through many phases since 2001. The first phase began in the process of calculating the liver volume using statistical methods, then followed by the second phase, which was to calculate the liver volume using semi-automatic systems. Then came the stage using two dimensional and tri-dimensional to measure the liver volume. Measuring liver volume requires planning of an integrated method to be implemented to solve the non-geometric liver volume, taking into consideration building template, which is used to be the liver volume measuring with more accuracy, less rate error. Practitioners measure liver volume using manual measure, which is called the Gold Standard, then compare the result with the results from other methods. The Institute of Visual Informatic (IVI), UKM has developed a measuring technique using algorithms bank.


Algorithms bank term is intended that the seven algorithms used in the completion of the tasks assigned to it, where a specific task for each algorithm. Algorithms have been classified into three principal classifications, as it represents the first classification algorithms that remove noise affecting the images, whether this noise was external or internal, these algorithms are Anisotropic diffusion filter and Median filter. The second classification is the algorithms that enhance and purify the external boundaries of the non-geometric shape and represented by the liver volume, these algorithms are a scale – specific gradient magnitude filter and Gaussian filter. The third classification represented by algorithms that process complete measurements of non-geometric shapes, non-geometric shape is liver organ, where the liver is one of the soft organ in the human body, these algorithms are Fast Marching, Geodesic Active Contour & Level set.


Liver segmentation is an important prerequisite for measuring liver volume planning. In the medical filed routine, the manual segmentation of the liver parenchyma is time consuming about one and half hour per data set. The segmentation time will be even longer with increasing number of slices from improved CT and MRI scanners. This is the one of the issues and challenges. Therefore, methods that require few interaction times have to be devised. Another issue when measuring soft organs in human body is non-geometric shaped organs. These organs also change their volume from time to time. Hence, makes it difficult to gain accurate measurement. These issues, although seem small, but it gives a great deal of challenges to researchers.