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Mobile Application Development Based on Prediction Model to identify Women’s Skills Needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era (Industry 4.0)

– Headed by Dr. Ely Salwana binti Mat Surin.

In this research, a predictive model that can identify the skills needed by women in the fourth industrial revolution era 4.0 will be generated. This model can assist women to plan for appropriate measures in order to develop and enhance their existing skills. Based on the model, a mobile application will be developed. Using the apps, users (women) can identify their level of skills either, match or not with the required workforce for industry 4.0, then they can plan for next steps on how to enhance their existing skills.

This research will produce a prediction model using machine learning algorithm. Based on the model, a mobile application will be developed. This application will suggest appropriate posts, or steps to be taken to improve existing skills, suitable to the needs of the workforce during the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0).
This study was conducted because:
1. The disruption to the labor market generated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0) will negatively affected women
2. the number of women serving in the field, is less
3. Women are less prominent in the field of work that are expected to have the largest growth in the next five years ie fields related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
4. It is difficult to identify the true potential of women individually

Women contribute about one-third of the labor force in Malaysia, so this study expected to help identify the potential of women in industry 4.0 era, thus contributing to the improvement of the living standard of women in Malaysia.