Advancing Design Science Research: Dr. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad’s Insights at ISICO’2023 Workshop

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad, a senior research fellow at IVI, will present his research insights at the Workshop during The Seventh Information Systems International Conference 2023 (ISICO 2023) in Bali on 27th July 2023. The workshop focuses on “Academic Research for Industry Perspective: A Design Science Research Approach.”

By presenting innovative research insights, Dr. Ahmad shares his knowledge with a diverse audience of academics and industry professionals and contributes to the collective effort of advancing design science research.

The exposure garnered through this international conference and workshop has the potential to open new avenues for collaboration, attract talented researchers, and establish invaluable connections with industry partners. As a result, IVI is poised to elevate its visibility on the global stage and make significant strides in addressing real-world challenges through cutting-edge research and practical applications.