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WESIHAT V3.0: Interactive Personalized Cognitive Decline Self-Empowerment System

Headed by Prof. Madya Dr. Nazlena Binti Mohamad Ali

Grant of Dana Inovasi



Aging is a worldwide phenomenon of which there is a rapid increase in the older adults’ population, associated with the rise of age related non-communicable diseases including those related to cognitive impairment, of which is reversible is being detected early. Innovation in mobile health applications detection has the potential to improve mental health of the aged population. However, the available
applications in the market are mostly related to physical fitness and management of specific diseases, with those related to mental health focusing only on cognitive training. Recognizing prevention of cognitive impairment require a holistic approach, a web-based health information system for early detection of cognitive impairment (web-based WESIHAT V2.0) has been developed consists of a valid
screening risk indicators and evidence-based health, diet and psychosocial education and health dairy for self-empowerment. Although WESIHAT V2.0 was well accepted by health professionals, caregivers and older adults themselves, the usage was limited to professional assisted session and there is a need for further modification and refinement. Thus, this project aimed to further upscale WESIHAT V2.0 into WESIHAT V3.0 mobile application for a wider out reach for early identification of risk of cognitive impairment and encourage a sustainable behavioral changes through an interactive personalised educational package, named WESIHAT V3.0. This project consists of phases, Phase I, up scaling of components in WESIHAT V2.0 to a WESIHAT V3.0 mobile application; redesign the interfaces and content following a usability engineering development approach. Phase II is implementation of WESIHAT V3.0 involving of caregivers, older adults and health professionals with improved data analytics and monitoring. Phase III is a market identification to stakeholders.